Big Dreams, Tiny Things

I've always had a soft spot for handmade things, and have been doing handicrafts since 2001.


When I was younger, I dabbled in shrink plastic which I used to make earstuds and pins. I also dabbled in making notebook covers, greeting cards, scrapbooking and even sewing.


But now I have branched out into the wonderful world of miniature food! It started as a hobby after attending a class in 2013 and I've since amassed two whole cupboards full of creations.


I focus on creating miniatures of desserts and local Singapore food to be made into accessories, magnets or collectibles. All items are individually and personally handmade with love by me.

Sherry's Minis is named after my mum, who goes by "Sherry" when she performs on stage.


My favourite miniature is a recreation of a vintage Ya Kun coffee shop I made under the tutelage of my miniature teacher. I promise I cried only twice while making it.

Check out my Instagram account for more frequent photos and updates.


Enjoy! :)

My old school Ya Kun coffee shop. My pride and joy. It took me about 12 hours to put together.